The Time has come for our New Crop Charollais Lambs


Lambing at Fieldstone - 2014

Charollais lambs are recognized by feedlot operators as quality feeders.  Lambs have superior carcass traits and gain weight rapidly.  FieldStone is a grass management system with grain supplemented diets only fed to ramlambs during the breeding season.  Nevertheless exceptional growth rates of lambs are obtained on pasture and ewes easily maintain condition for breeding in a condensed timeframe. 

The purpose of the Charollais is to be crossed on to females of various breeds to produce exceptionally high quality lambs for the butcher's trade. Charollais lambs are typically long, lean and tight skinned with good muscle development especially in the loin and gigot areas.

"improved our bottom line"
Adding the Charollais line to our sheep herd has improved our bottom line with faster turnaround from lambs to market-weight animals.

~ Simon L. (Millet, Alberta)
"made our flock much easier to birth and manage"
The Fieldstone Charollais sheep we introduced into our own stock has made our flock much easier to birth and manage. We would highly recommend adding purebred Charollais for all sheep breeders.

~ Edna K. (Leduc County, Alberta)