Frequently Asked Questions


Q Why are purebred Fieldstone Charollais sheep better for birthing?

A Charollais lambs are easier to deliver with a narrower profile in their head and shoulders.

Q What makes Fieldstone Charollais lambs grow so fast?

A Charollais ewes are gentle mothers with superior milk delivery for their always hungry lambs.

Q Why are Fieldstone Charollais sheep better for butchering?

A Charolais sheep bulk up quickly with a high cutting percentage which approaches 60% and tender, flavourful meat.

"Improved our bottom line"
“Adding the Charollais line to our sheep herd has improved our bottom line with faster turnaround from lambs to market-weight animals.”

"Made our flock much easier to birth and manage"
“The Fieldstone Charollais sheep we introduced into our own stock has made our flock much easier to birth and manage. We would highly recommend adding purebred Charollais for all sheep breeders.”

"26 Generations"
"After 26 generations, FieldStone Ovine is the Grandad of the Charollais breed in North America"