Our History

FieldStone Ovine was established in 1988 with the purchase of a small flock of crossbred ewelambs.  Charollais sheep were introduced to FieldStone in 1995 with the importation of embryos from England.  In 1996 and 1997, the growth of the FieldStone flock was achieved by further importation of embryos from England and in 1998 the first home grown embryos were born. Since then we have continually imported premium genetics to complement our superior FieldStone genetics. This includes semen from Dalby, Lowereye, Rainbow, Crogham and Springhill flocks in Great Britain. 

We believe Charollais sheep will make a significant contribution to the Canadian sheep industry. Charollais sheep popularity in the UK has grown from the first importations in the 1980s to the second most popular terminal sire breed in the region.  Charollais sheep will grow to become a prominent terminal sire breed in the industry. Rainbow Milburn

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Rainbow Milburn



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FieldStone Charollais Sheep

"Your best bet for breeding stock and butcher lambs."

"Improved our bottom line"
“Adding the Charollais line to our sheep herd has improved our bottom line with faster turnaround from lambs to market-weight animals.”

"Made our flock much easier to birth and manage"
“The Fieldstone Charollais sheep we introduced into our own stock has made our flock much easier to birth and manage. We would highly recommend adding purebred Charollais for all sheep breeders.”

"26 Generations"
"After 26 generations, FieldStone Ovine is the Grandad of the Charollais breed in North America"